​​​​​​a Colorado holiday alternative

Where are we?  

Ordway  is the epicenter of Crowley County, located in Southeast Colorado.

The area has many features providing unique character in the present, and robust heritage from the past: historic Native American occupation, early settling constructions ( lakes and canal), bird life and ranching lifestyles that continue today.

"It's not what you look at that matters;

        it's what you see."  Henry David Thoreau

Crowley County, Colorado

About you:

​You need to bring a large sun hat, quality camera if photography is your hobby, refillable water bottle , binoculars for bird watching, sunglasses , day pack, swim gear, good walking shoes, and

a need for something quite different for your vacation/ holiday.

We've got that last one covered.

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About us : 

The consortium venture began in late 2015 after it became apparent that individual efforts wouldn't make a significant impact for Crowley County. Several members of the community recognized that we could do more with combined effort. We adopted the following mantra of what we had that was unique, special and of possible interest to outsiders:

do what you can, with what you have, where you are Theodore Roosevelt 

Alternative Colorado LLC was formed to fulfill the needs of independent providers who operate their enterprise separately but market and promote collectively. We are happy and privileged that you are considering a visit to catch a glimpse of our lifestyle out on the high prairies of SE Colorado.

Mission statement:

Alternative Colorado LLC  has been formed to promote Crowley County as an interesting and enjoyable tourist destination; sharing it's history, it's present, and future vision. Locals give glimpses into their current rural America lifestyles.