​​​​​​a Colorado holiday alternative

One thing that I have learned over 15 years hosting Trans-Am cyclists is their willingness to lend a hand. As I go about my business in the town of Ordway, I am saddened by the kids who haven't got bikes, or their bike is inoperable. A flat tire is an insurmountable obstacle for a kid who has no tools, nor instructor.

My idea for a non-profit is that as the big cyclists pass through, they take a few minutes to reach out and share their skills and knowledge with the little cyclists who have troubles.

Still putting the project together ( as of March, 2016 ) but the concept goes something like this: I will host the trans-am cyclist in return for about an hours work on a kids bike. We'll find a way to provide parts. I have the tools, the workspace, and the desire to get these kids up and riding again.

Come , stay and give a hand in this project .

May 2016: working to establish a network with Richard and his concept

down in Las Animas, SE Colorado.