​​​​​​a Colorado holiday alternative

Summer 2017

Rocky and Forrest 

Summer 2017


September 2018

Best experience of my LIFE !

Kathryn ( London, UK )

horse riding

You will have experienced instructors... some of them on a horse before they could walk. They will show the tricks and tools that get the horse to do what you are asking. We hope it provides great photographic opportunities.

Riding starts young in this region. From a early age ranch kids are working long days helping the family run the business. The local schools even accommodates the branding season by closing earlier at these times of the year.


I had a great time Joy. Thanks again and see you in a few weeks for another lesson.

Kiah ( Denver )

Review: 11/21/2016

I had a amazing time time riding and riding fast like I've always dreamed of. Curt our instructor is exceptional in his patience, teaching, and the joy that he brought to the experience. His family welcomed me and another rider into their family with such memorable love. Thank you so much for the experience! 

Freeman ( Pohnpei, Micronesia )

Summer 2016

Worth my allergies flaring up  :)

Paul and Alex

12/18/ 2017

Great fun Walt. Glad we got to make it happen.

Paul (  New Orleans )


Might be a bit slow getting across the country compared to my bike, but fun to try.

Ronan ( Scotland )