​​​​​​a Colorado holiday alternative


Connect to Three Dog Night Guest House

approximately 100 yards from Lake Meredith's north shore and only 3 miles from town.

Any time of year you can appreciate the remarkable beauty that nature has to offer. Dogs welcome.           Kiki Medina

Cyclists lodgings

ranchstay- guest house- homestay  or at the Hotel Ordway  (719) 2673541

Large master bedroom in the house; ensuite. Horse stay.

Lifestyle property with horses, dogs, goats, geese, guineas,

turkeys & chickens. Minimum $41 per night.

Overnight homestay accommodation

Simply call 719 267 3099

People & horse stay.

Corral and guesthouse. 

Sleeps 4, one bathroom, full kitchen. 

12 miles from town;  open space panoramas.

Connect to Trainor ranch.

Ranch bunkhouse