I stayed here for two weeks and had a blast. Beautiful wide open plains, friendly locals and was welcomed and immersed in the local community and activities. Got to see the local rodeos, 4H demonstrations and even the County Fair!
Fantastic place for horse riding and cycling.
A real taste of mid rural America.

Lucy F. ( England )

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A reasonable while ago I spent an interesting time here in the countryside of Colorado. We went horse riding, sailing, shooting, and enjoyed some of Colorado's beautiful nature. As a European I also really enjoyed getting to see the way local people live in a small town, and meeting everyone. One of my American co-workers from home commented on my stories with "you got the full American experience". Definitely an experience I'd also recommend to others!

​Martijn W. ( Nederlands )

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One day (March 14 2016 ) shooting and horse riding. Eating too. Nice meal. My english not so good. I am Brazilian here to speak english with people. Every one very patient. Shooting first time. Riding horse first time. Teach me slow. I like very much. I recommend activities here with Alternative Colorado instructors.
Um dia(14/Março/2016) atirei e montei a cavalo. Comi também . Otima refeição. Meu Inglês não é muito bom. Eu sou Brasileiro e aqui falo Ingles com todas as pessoas. Todos são muito pacientes. Atirei a primeira vez. Montei a Cavalo a primeira vez. Me ensinaram devagar. Eu gosto muito. Eu recomendo as atividades e instrutores aqui em Alternative Colorado

​Rodrigo O. ( Brazil )

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I will never forget my stay in Ordway. 
So much souvenirs in my head : horse rides, sailing, shooting, feed horses and birds, fishing, State fair in Pueblo, etc.
I met lots of friendly and welcoming people from the region as well as from all around the world : Australia, France, New York, Switzerland, ...
This place is highly recommended !

Julien T. ( Belgium )