Review: 11/21/2016

Apres un bon barbecue chez Sydney avec de bon hamburger , j'ai pu grace a Sydney tirer au fusil !

Merci Sydney et Gillian de m'avoir permis de tirer comme a l'Americaine !

Shanna ( France )

Review: 11/21/2016

I had a great time shooting. It was quite an amazing experience to learn about the proper ways to handle and shoot a gun. Our host Sydney also cooked up some mean delicious bbq to complement our time with her. I had such a great time laughing, eating, and shooting, Thank you Sydney love!

Freeman ( Pohnpei, Micronesia )

Review: 4/26/2016
I had the opportunity to go out to our local gun range with Doug, Frank and a few other shooters. Doug and Frank who are the shooting instructors where full of information and very helpful and patient with me. We shot about 100 rounds and dinner was provided and was absolutely delicious. I am now looking into purchasing my very first handgun :):)
Sydney K. ( Colorado )

Hosts: Doug and Frank

​​Range shooting: obviously safety is paramount  with this activity. 

Crowley County has a fully functional range just north of town. Participants can bike or drive 3 miles to the range for 2 hours of shooting instruction and practice : including learning about the importance of guns in the American way of life. There are two different shooting activities dependent on your level of experience.

​Ok, how much work gives you skills to hit the target? There's a lot to learn to operate a gun effectively.... sighting, breathing, co-ordination ....  Doug and Frank work to give you a successful session. Doug's brings his collection of replica old west guns. He is primarily a target shooter; Frank is a hunter. Riley, as back up, does both types of shooting .


​​​​​​a Colorado holiday alternative